Only an officially registered organization can become a partner. Cooperation with advertising agencies, the Internet and IT companies is especially interesting. For convenience of organizational and tax planning, you will be able to select our subsidiary in one of three jurisdictions: USA (Delaware, Wilmington), Cyprus (Nicosia) or Singapore.

Only for franchisees available:

  • Connecting organizations to the system
  • Receive a remuneration of up to 50 per cent of the organization's subscription fees and other bonuses and benefits under the franchising agreement.
  • Sell and buy gentoken and genbonus from their participants on their terms for the fiat currency.
  • Tagging gentoken for organizations and removing tags.
  • Check and verify organizations. Issuing certificates for the organizations' access to the system
  • Participating in stock trading and establish market quotes for the currently tagged gentokens
  • Upon organizations' request, creating and sending offerings to the target group from the GEN GROUP common client base.
  • Upon organizations' request, programming smart contracts for offers.
  • Upon organizations' request, providing consultations, training and configuring the system according to the established tariffs.
  • Acting as an official partner of GEN GROUP LTD with the publication of the link and other materials about the company (by agreement) on the site
  • This may include organizing and participating in exhibitions, conferences and seminars, using (with restrictions specified in the franchising agreement) logos, promotional materials and gentoken and genbonus branding elements.
  • Getting rating points for any activity in the system.