What is the Gentoken system?
Gentoken is a new and innovative way to advertise goods and services which benefits both end users and businesses that use the system.

A company use the www.gentoken website to create ads that reward viewers with bonus points (tokens).

Users can scan the QR code present in the ad or click the link to claim their bonus points.

I am a simple user, how can I benefit from this system?
You can collect standardized bonus points by viewing any ads placed by companies that participate in the Gentoken system! These points can be used to get access to discounts and special offers or transferred to your friends and family.

What's more, you can earn money by selling your tokens.

You'll be able to use this system everywhere: on the street, in a store, at home in front of your TV, or on the Internet. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

The more you use the system, the higher your rating, the more bonus points you earn, the more offers you can access!

I am an advertising or marketing executive, how can I benefit from this system?
Our system allows to allocate marketing and advertising expenses much more efficiently.

It all becomes clear and transparent: you can see which ads work and which do not, how customers react to your offer, and what your current marketing metrics are; you can even observe the number of your gross impressions grow!

It can all be viewed online in real time. Moreover, you can make instant changes in your advertising campaigns.

You don't have to change your advertising policy, either. Simply add the system's functionality to those advertising channels that your company already employs and start using them much more efficiently – with minimal costs.

The Gentoken system offers you new and exciting advertising opportunities:

- Replacing the ad without changing the advertising medium;

- Multiple individual ads on the same medium;

- Real-time assessment of various advertising channels' efficiency;

- Precise user segmentation based on key features;

- Individual offers for any chosen user segment;

- Significant increase in the users' interest in your ads;

- Individual offers are guaranteed to reach target users

- …and a lot more.

    Why should I participate in your ICO?

    The main goal of GEN GROUP is to maximize the efficiency of any advertising and to reduce the amount of useless advertising garbage. This way we can make the world cleaner and fairer.

    We strive to help businesses across the world improve and use their PR and advertising resources more efficiently and with a greater benefit for their customers.

    We know that most businesses around the world adhere to the same goal – that is why GEN GROUP has great chances of becoming a market leader.

    If you share our vision, then join us and earn with us!

    How can I benefit from participating in the ICO?

    Here is how you can benefit from purchasing genshares:

    • The token's price will depend on the GEN GROUP's growth prospects as a company. That is why early investment can prove to be a great idea.
    • A limited number of tokens will be issued, to be sold only during the pre-sale and the ICO. All unsold tokens will be automatically destroyed according to the terms of the smart contract.
    • Once the system becomes operational and until December 31, 2019, genshares can be exchanged for gentokens at a 1:1 rate.
    • Once the tokens begin to be traded at cryptocurrency exchanges and the project enters further stages, the token value can change dramatically.

      How can I buy tokens?
      You can buy genshares by transferring Ethereum (ETH) coins to the following smart contract address:


      Venture and investment funds and other large investors can buy genshares with euros and USD via a bank transfer. For those investing 100 000 EUR or more, we offer stock options of GEN GROUP LTD. (Belize).

      You will find detailed information at www.gen.group/ico

      I'm a bit confused. Genshares, gentoken, genbonus – what's the difference?

      are Ethereum Blockchain-based tokens that act as an indicator of the project's success. Once the system is launched and until December 31, 2019, you will be able to exchange genshares for gentokens at a 1:1 rate.

      The number of genshares is limited, and there will be no further emission. Genshares will be allocated exclusively via the pre-sale and ICO smart contracts. All unsold tokens will be automatically destroyed.

      Tokens cannot be created by means of mining or in any other way. Genshares can be bought and sold at crypto exchanges, converted into other crypto currencies, or transferred to other users, just like any other Ethereum Blockchain-based tokens.

      Gentoken is the name of our system, which provides B2B services and has its own blockchain, as well as the name of the token used inside the system. Gentokens have the following features:

      • The number of tokens is limited to 640 million;
      • Emission in batches of 10 000 units, the currency basket-based price of each new batch increasing by 2% (the currency basket being composed of 33.3% USD, EUR, and CNY);
      • Possibility of multiple company tickers;
      • Free and unrestricted circulation between the users of the system.

      Genbonus is an alternative name under which the system is promoted to end users, the token used in this case being 1/100 gentoken.

      I think I like your system. Can I participate without investing money?
      Yes, we give all interested users a chance to participate in the development and promotion of the Gentoken system.

      You can earn genshares as a reward for your participation!
      Become a member of our team, and agent, consultant, or partner.
      The number of genshares you earn depends on your effort and possibilities.
      For more info, see our website: www.gen.group/member