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for most types of traditional and online advertising
Interesting to people. Profitable for business.
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A unique system of marketing interaction between organizations and consumers. It is based on a win-win strategy that benefits all the participants.
Bonuses are credited instantaneously when you receive an ad offer. After scanning the master QR or following the link, the bonuses are automatically transferred to your wallet. Immediately. For each offer! From any company. It hasn't happened yet.
Bonus cards, discounts, coupons, cashback, and other profitable offers from companies in one convenient application. Access through the smartphone, computer, and tablet. Customize everything at your convenience. Use the application at home, in the store, on a walk or in any other place.
The bonuses obtained belong to you only. You decide when, to whom and how many bonuses to transfer. You can exchange them for additional discounts in the company from which you received them. You may exchange them for profitable offers from another company. You may send them to friends and family so that they could get the discounts too. You may also sell them to our partners.
Instant Benefits
All discounts in one application
Multifunctional bonuses
For people
A separate offer is available for each customer group. The system automatically determines to which group the customer belongs, taking into account pre-determined factors: age, gender, income, interests, occupations, consumer activity, purchase history and other data. Up to up 1,000 offers may operate with different settings at the same time.
The advertising medium remains, and the offers are changing. In a couple of minutes, you can do the following on the site: new customer groups by selected factors, new offers, complete noncurrent offers. However, you do not need to change anything at the advertising vehicle, and all changes will be available to customers at once.
Compare the performance of ad channels and offers in real time! At any time, you can see which ads are working and which are not.
Only the customers you want
Instant effect
Full control
For business
New opportunities
Automate marketing programs and promotional offers using smart contracts. Blockchain with the record of consumer behavior history. Direct mailings of advertising offers by customer groups.
Get an offer
1. Run the application and scan a similar master QR on any ad you see. If you are working in the browser, the notification will appear when the extension is installed.
2. An ad will automatically appear on your smartphone, tablet, or PC screen.
3. A few seconds later, after you have read the offer, you can click the Accept offer button.
4. Bonuses from the organization will be immediately credited to your wallet. The offer will be saved in the application and you can easily return to it at any convenient time.
1. Register the organization on
2. Go through verification and buy tokens from one of our partners:
3. You get: all the features of the Gentoken system for the selected tariff plan, a separate page with your organization's data, tokens with your organization's individual marking, a single master QR, and master link to access the promotions of your organization.
Registration in the system
After the customer has received an offer from your organization, you can use the Gentoken system to:
1. Get information about the performance of the ad channel, the specific offer, and the customer groups, depending on the customer's subsequent target activities.
2. Send any number of new offers to the customer free of charge, including automatically, depending on your changes to the customer's settings.
3. Take from it in manual or automatic mode the tokens tagged by your organization, such as in exchange for a discount or special terms of the product/service purchase.
4. Track further transfer of tokens and group customers based on the number, time, and token receiving channel.
5. Get information about the specific ad vehicle, location, and time of the offer receipt, group the customer belongs to.
Direct contact and analytics
How it works
Installing the app
Using bonuses
After you receive your bonus, you can:
1. Send bonuses to the organization from which you received them in exchange for discounts, cashback or special terms of purchase of the goods/services.
2. Send the bonuses free of charge to friends and family who have the wallet of this organization. You only need to know the name or the recipient's phone number to send the bonus.
3. Obtain a discount or cashback from any other company that accepts bonuses with someone else's tagging.
4. Sell the bonus to one of our partners indicated on the site:
Install the Genbonus app for your smartphone in Google play or Apple store and the extension for your browser Pass a simple registration process in the application or on the site and you will be able to use a single account to access your app from a smartphone, computer, or tablet
Offers publication
1. Place the master QR code on traditional advertizing vehicles: outdoor advertising, TV ads, product packaging, brochures, sales locations - wherever your organization typically places advertisements. Set master link to track your online ads.
2. Create customer groups according to the required parameters: gender, age, consumer activity, purchase history, etc.
3. Prepare offers for each group of customers with text and graphic design. Specify mandatory premiums in tokens, expiration dates, and other features of offers.
4. Publish the offers. That's all! These offers are now available for consumers when scanning the master QR, via link, and at your organization's site!
For people
For business
Invest in a unique company with a market of hundreds of billions of dollars
Join the team with global plans for marketing and advertising leadership
We have a great offer for you! Prepare to become a representative and the face of the company in your area
Earn with us!
Project participation at an early stage
Already available!
The development of the latest technologies in particular blockchain and big data has created a prototype of a system of independent transfer and realization of rights among participants.
Project idea
Use in advertising
After the empirical testing of the system for various areas, it was decided on the commercial application in the field of marketing and advertising. Preparations for the creation of an online platform have started.
Readiness for launch
The detailed and business model of the system for practical implementation completed. At the time the funding starts, the system has a number of unique benefits for efficient use.
Market leader
Completion of the system in commercial operation on various real cases. Active promotion and capture of commercial advertising market share. Final formation of efficient business processes.
Project stages
Founder and Director
Ilya Agafonov
- Hello,
I have been working in marketing and advertising for over 25 years. I, like you, observe that companies around the world spend hundreds of billions of dollars on promotion, and people try to avoid any contact with advertising. Advertising appeals are usually not interesting to people, because they do not bring any immediate benefit.
It's time to change this! With the new Gentoken system, each advertising appeal is beneficial for people and for business. But that is not all! We offer new revolutionary marketing opportunities:
- the advertisement vehicle remains, and the offers change,
- a set of proposals for multiple groups of consumers with a single access point,
- reliable evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising in real time,
- a single online platform for managing advertising offers, etc.
The goal of our company is to make any advertising in the world as useful and effective as possible!
Do you have any proposals regarding investments or development of the system?
Write to me in person:
skype live:ilya_805, telegram @genbonus
I speak Russian and a little English. c 8-00 до 19-00 GMT
Write us, usually we reply within a couple of hours.

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